“Find a job you enjoy doing, and you will never have to work a day in your life," said Mark Twain, and that is exactly how Sonu Bafna feels every time she picks up the paintbrush. Based in Nashik, India and shipping her artwork all over the world, Sonu started Canvassy Collectables back in 2012 when a passion project quickly turned into a successful small business. Drawing inspiration from the legendary Andy Warhol, Sonu started out with creating pop art on canvas of iconic movie posters, football players and pop culture icons like Darth Vader, The Beatles and vintage Volkswagen cars, just to name a few. Once it caught the eyes of family and friends, she started getting requests for commissioning personalised artwork and the rest, as they say, is history. In the 9 years since she officially started the Canvassy Collectables art studio, Sonu has painted personalised portraits and artwork on large canvasses that adorn homes all over India and the world. Completely self-taught, Sonu had an eye for art, fashion and all things beautiful since she was young.

Armed with an MSc in International Business from Lancaster University in the UK, she has been able to successfully use her business acumen to create a worldwide reach for her art. Constantly drawing inspiration from the fascinating world of art, fashion and pop culture, the lack of formal education and training in the arts hasn't stopped her from creating paintings that look modern and memorable, while having a touch of vintage whimsy. Sonu is always on the lookout for collaborations - be it with individuals who want to commission personalised paintings to memorialise their favourite moments in beautiful art, or companies and brands in the art, home and lifestyle sector. Get in touch and say hello!